Why you are not getting orders on fiverr?

Today, there are many people who rely on Freelancing platforms to make a living. Some Freelancers even make money online thousands of dollars per month, on Fiverr and many other online platforms. Note that published figures indicate that Fiverr offers approximately 3 million jobs.

Make money online on Fiverr

The concept of the Fiverr platform is very simple. It connects sellers and buyers of odd jobs and services. The basic services on the site cost $ 5, but it is possible to offer other options to make more money.

Currently, the platform offers many categories: writing, translation, graphics, social media, and many others. There is surely an opportunity for you to make money on this platform.

The biggest selling point for the Fiverr platform is that it is attractive to everyone from every kind of industry. With services from $ 5 to $ 500, this is an affordable way to get something done for your small business. Of course, the good jobs of the bad ones must be filtered, but this is now the case on many more freelance sites, and the rating and feedback system that Fiverr implements will certainly be useful here.

With each successfully completed job, you will have the opportunity to rate your salesperson by offering a 5-star rating in terms of communication, service levels and whether you would recommend the service. This method then helps other buyers to see if they get what they want from such a service and seller.

Regional interest is strongly concentrated around Africa and India, which seems to be the case for most freelance sites, in a fight to combat spammers and poor service. However, Fiverr is not showing signs of slowing down as they continue to expand around the world, with increasing popularity.

Fast, efficient and a pleasure to use

Fiverr serves the purpose of getting jobs and make money online done quickly, so you don’t have to go long on long interview processes and tests like other outsourcing platforms do. With Fiverr, the services are bought “off the shelf” and delivered within a reasonably short period of time.

Once a buyer has committed to purchase a service from you, the automated notifications will assist you by assisting you at the end of the deployment. So, for example, if someone bought a service from you, you must get more information from them to complete the order. Such a request can be sent automatically to the buyer, who keeps track of both sides of the agreement.

If a buyer has a dispute, they are given a period of 3 days before the performance is automatically marked as complete.

One of the biggest benefits of using Fiverr and make money online. Not only does it help you choose your sellers, but it also motivates sellers to get a quality job done, or if you are not satisfied, they will pay you back to prevent you from getting a negative review.

How to get the first customer on Fiverr and make money online?

After finding the service (or services) to offer on the platform, it is time to follow some steps to find your first customer, and thus make the first sale.

First, you must register on the site. It’s free!

Afterwards, you must describe the proposed service with precision, to show potential customers that you are an expert. The title of your “Gig”, its category and keywords should be chosen carefully, not to mention the photos or videos that will support the whole thing. Note that you can create up to 7 “Gigs” on Fiverr.

To have ordered, it is advisable to share your “Gigs” on social networks and forums.

If you have a personal website or blog, Fiverr gives you the opportunity to retrieve an HTML code that summarizes your profile for inclusion in the site. In addition, the platform allows you to generate a promotional offer that you can publish on other sites and on your social accounts.

You can also go to the “Buyer Requests” page and respond to requests from prospects, to increase your chances of having orders.

How much can I win on Fiverr and make money online?

Today, thousands of people around the world manage to earn thousands of dollars a month on Fiverr. So, why not be next?

American Alex Fasulo is among the successful freelancers on Fiverr. At just 25 years old, this young person has earned $ 150,000 in 6 months. But you should know that she works from Monday to Friday, about nine hours a day and sometimes a few hours on weekends. Generally, she receives orders of 100 dollars. She writes very quickly and processes about seven orders a day. Note that she collaborates with famous brands and has just published her own book. Huge success!

To maximize your chances of having multiple orders over Fiverr and make money online more if you not getting an order, here are the main tips to consider.

Treat your profile on Fiverr to make money online

The profile is the part that your potential customers see on all your services as well as on the pages of the site. It is important to look after your profile. For that :

  1. It is advisable to have a name diverted;
  2. A short description in 20 words: who you are, your expertise and a catchphrase;
  3. A cover photo with a text presenting your expertise;
  4. Your own profile picture, to give visitors confidence, etc.
  5. Optimize your services

As for the services you want to sell to earn money on 5 dollars, here are the important points to take into account to create a “microservice”:

  1. The “microservice” should not be offered by a hundred sellers on the site. If not, you must provide a better service than the one already in place;
  2. The proposed service must bring value to customers;
  3. It is important to offer a profitable and quality service for 5 dollars, etc.
  4. Choose a short, explicit title that makes you want to click
  5. The description of the “microservice” must explain everything. For that, it is better to start with a small paragraph of attachment, then highlight what you propose in detail;
  6. The more content you have in your description, the more you maximize your chances of having visitors via the search engines;
  7. as for the image of illustration of your service, it is preferable to place a text there, preferably the title of your “microservice”;
  8. Carefully make the options available to offer prospects the opportunity to have a complete and better service;

The most that make the difference

If you do not get enough orders on 5 dollars, here are some points that can, without doubt, make the difference:

  1. Create a presentation video to display on your service page
  2. Add additional images to present your “microservice”
  3. Offer a very detailed download guide, to present your “microservice”, with a layout, graphics, and images, etc. ;
  4. Take a look at the forum to ask for advice, help, advice, etc. ;

Manage the customer relationship to make money online

Before placing the order, the prospect sends you a message to ask you questions and put the bars on the T. This step is the most important! You must read the message received, analyze the proposed project and send a personalized response by presenting a solution adapted to the prospect’s request.

To increase your make money online, do not hesitate to propose many “options”, as well as several “microservices” on the platform. Keep in mind that everyone can register as a provider at Fiverr and that there is a lot of quality difference. Some are beginners and some are very experienced.

I sometimes hear people with bad experiences on Fiverr and that they will never use it again. Keep in mind that you do not know the person who gave you the assignment and therefore not how much experience they have. It is always possible to get poor quality. Not only on Fiverr, but also on other outsourcing platforms, even at physical companies.

My advice is, don’t bother if someone messes up your assignment and try it with someone else. come on! Don’t expect everything to be FANTASTIC for $5. To make a long story short, it happens! I’m even going to tell you that in some cases the bad experience is even your own fault.

4 tips to get the best results from Fiverr and make money online

I also want to make it clear to you that there are many good sellers and buyers that you can get a lot of work for a nice price. Here are some tips on how you can get the best results from Fiverr if you not getting the order.

Tip 1: Take the time for some research

If you take a moment you can quickly discover whether you are dealing with a beginner or an expert. All Fiverr sellers/suppliers are tracked how many times their gig has been ordered and afterwards users of the gigs are asked to give a rating and a review. By, before you order a gig from someone, look at the ratings, reviews and the number of times a gig is ordered you can learn a lot about this person. Note that if a person has a 100% positive rating you also have a look at how many ratings this person has had. 1x a positive rating is also 100% but says nothing. So look carefully at the combination of positive reviews, ratings and the number of times the gig has already been ordered.

Tip 2: Read the description carefully of others gig

By carefully reading the description of the gig you can prevent disappointment on your part. A  client often gives clear instructions about what is included in his or her order. In some cases, it is necessary to order Gig extras. If they have to cancel an order, because he has asked you something that you cannot deliver, it will cost their statistics, because every action is monitored.

Tip 3: Give clear and detailed instructions

“Make a nice logo for my company” is what some entrepreneurs order. How big do you estimate the chance that the designer can put on a logo that you are happy with? Keep in mind that the image that you have in mind about what a good logo or website is is your image. You probably know the saying “tastes differ”. The other person cannot read thoughts, so it is extremely important that you give the person you want to give as many examples as possible about what he likes. Try to transfer the image that the client has in mind.

Tip 4: Be nice and professional if you make money online more and more

Treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself is one of my spells. Keep in mind that there is also a person on the other side. Treat the other with respect and be nice. If you are not satisfied with the result the first time, give someone the opportunity to make adjustments and make corrections before you start throwing bad reviews and bad ratings. Get out of yourself. Would you like to get an opportunity to improve your work when someone is not completely satisfied? Yes of course .. Unsatisfied clients are no use to anyone.

And one of the most important advice, be professional and friendly. Treat others the way you want others to interact with you.


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