Online Earning Methods


As you people know fiver is a global freelance platform allows you to buy and sell services. Fiver freelance services have a broad categorization, and everyone having skills can start selling their services. Fiver is used by freelancers across the world to offer services and get paid. Today fiver offers over three million services that costs from $5 to $500.  So, the question I want to ask you, Have you created the fiver account or leave it? Have you never created a fiver account yet? Or Have you struggling to engage clients but failed? If you are dealing with any of these situations then will get answers of all the questions regarding FIVER here. Read this guide carefully to become a successful freelancer at Fiver marketplace.

A Guide to Fiver Online Earning

1. Comprehend the Money Making Strategy on Fiver

Whenever we plan for something, to make a prior strategy for it proves successful. Likely, when you will start working online on fiver prepare a strategy about what you are going to offer. The best and working idea is to move with one skill. Do not try to offer multiple skills, because it creates conflict and cause mismanagement. There are millions of categories on fiver website, chose one and put your efforts in it. When you practice one category and become a master in it, you will have flawless earnings from fiver website.

2.  Consistency is the key if you want to make fiver online earning

if you want to make success in fiver marketplace, consistency is the key. Consistency in the way that it takes time to get first order on fiver, but once you get, there will be many. There are thousands of people might be you also, who get anxious after fiver account sign up. But that’s not the right way, you have to keep patience. As you will be beginner thus it takes time to build trust, because buyers mostly trust experienced freelancers. While standing on fiver online earning platform you will have to courage to fight with all the challenges that comes in the way. Success is for those who struggle and keep in mind struggle not goes waste.

3. Select your Skill through which you want to make fiver online earning

As I mentioned earlier select one category of your interest. From three million categories you have to concern with the one you selected, make sure you have knowledge and skills related to the category you selected. Here are some top niches/ categories to work with fiver that may help you to take a firm decision;

  • Graphic Designing (Logo Designs, Card Designs, Business Card Designs, T-Shirts, Banner etc.)
  • Digital Marketing (Paid Advertisements, Social Media Page Managers etc.)
  • WordPress Development & Designing
  • Content Writing on Fiver
  • App Development (Mobile & Desktop)
  • Music & Audio creations

Above are some trending niches on fiver marketplace to work with. If you are expert in these categories select one and if you have skills out of the box you can make an independent decision.

4. Stick, to the Platform

Stick to the platform that you have selected because it is the key to get success. Fiver provides you a vast online money making platform where you can sell your services and earn a lot profit. Fiver online jobs allow you to work in a field without much hustle. All you need is to stick with the field or category you have selected. You need to stick with your work because fiver account signup requires your serious efforts. If you want to make money online, keep in mind there is nothing better then fiver. But, when you demand something (money) you have to give up on something (laziness). You have to stay true to yourself.

Always prioritize those fields and categories you are passionate about. Although, fiver introduces millions of categories but you only need to pick one, become expert in it and hear customer demands related to your field. You will see haul of categories and sub categories on the fiver marketplace.

Here you will go to select one category you are good in. Do not try to select multiple categories and create gigs on multiple categories especially when you don’t have skills. There is a rule for every seller that you cannot sell something you don’t have. Pick one category or sub-category from the given list and practice it until you have ability to satisfy your customers. Remember; at fiver marketplace once you make your customer happy you will have a lane of customers following this one.

Build your Profile in an engaging style

After selecting your category mixed with your passion, now it’s time to build an engaging profile on fiver website. Profile at fiver website have 25% ability to attract customers, so when you build an engaging profile through fiver signup your 25% job is done. The thing to keep in mind at first is do not offer two services at one fiver profile. Just make a profile that offer one service in different ways. When you will build your profile at fiver website, you will see there you need to fill up your expertise many times, like your experience, your field of work, your expertise etc. so when you put same skill or field in every required space you will have more to get client’s projects. Keep in mind that every single information in your profile help you to win projects on fiver.

So, let’s begin your online earning journey by clicking “Join” on the right side of fiver homepage;

When you click on join, afterwards you will exposed to a pop-up screen like below one;

Enter into fiver marketplace by entering your email address and setting up a password. You can also see three options to login with Facbook, Google and LinkedIn, these options are act as shortcuts for fiver signup. Remember the password if setting a new one. That will be used later to access account for login.

In the above screen, add about yourself. Everything your skills, hobbies, education, interests and something about the skill that you have selected. While putting information remember that you have to make an impressive profile that successfully won the trust of clients. Start with your name that must be real, because fiver can demand attestation anytime through ID card thus enter your official name. Try to make your description impressive as much as you can, because this description will urge customers to check your gigs.

Below are some important things to be considered and to be careful about while working on fiver website as a freelancer;

  1. Languages

Fiver is an international platform that and people from different countries are wondering there for buying and selling services. The major and widely accepted language is English but there are people that may ask for additional languages. Thus, if you have expertise in some other language then must do mention in your profile. It implies good impression on your client. Also, use grammar approved English in your profile, to imply good impression on your customers.

  1. Profile Picture

The second thing that matters to influence customers is your profile picture. Try to use your real picture rather than half pictures on your profile. But, if you cannot use your real picture under privacy concerns, you could use a picture from google that seems real. Profile picture matters because people have perception that scammers have fake pictures on their profiles and thus they avoid such profiles. Choose a real and authentic profile picture because people want to work with real and trustworthy sellers.

  1. Social Profiles

Social media links on your fiver profile are serve as a positive point for your fiver business. People from west likes to see social circles and impressed by social engagements. If you have active profiles and engagement of people, clients will like it and prefer you because he have assured that you are a real person rather than a scammer.

After passing through these steps you will found a confirmation email. Fiver will ask you to verify your account and allows you to get in.

Levels on Fiver Online Earning Website

Fiver offers thousands of benefits to freelancers working with this platform. When you will start getting orders on the fiver website, you will be granted with fiver levels. These levels determine your position in the fiver marketplace. Let for example, you get an order related to your skills. You perform well and satisfy the customer requirements. Customer will rate your services by giving you stars. Five stars are considered as positive rating on fiver website and lower then three stars will affect your profile or even block it. Based on customer reviews you will upgrade to level after every month.

There are three levels;

  • Level One
  • Level Two
  • Top Rated Seller

These levels will be granted on the basis of your monthly performance after evaluation. Every level have its own benefits and cracks. Like if you have badge anyone of these three you will have more opportunities to attract customers. Top rated sellers badge is hilarious, once you achieve this badge you will have innumerable customers because now you successfully won the heart & trust of customers.


People ask how they can start earn with fiver. Answer is quite simple, you can start earning online through fiver marketplace by staying consistence and patience. Above is the information about fiver and profile building on fiver website. If you already have a fiver account and you lost hope, then take a new start and keep patience because it is the key. Read the above guide and analyze where you left, make changes if require any. And for beginners who do not have a fiver profile, there is complete guide to build profile on fiver marketplace. The next step is to create gigs. You will get a quick guide to create gigs in the next article of series.

There are lots of people; mostly students want to earn Money without any investment to carry out their expenses. Let’s hands down to start to make Money online through several methods. These ways will be completely legal, tax-free and risk-free. Anyone can earn Money as full time or part time job without any hustle. As long as you make your first earning, it seems complicated, but after that everything will be possible. 

Following are some easy and effective online earning methods without any investment:

1.      Start your website

If you are interested in earning passive income every month, you need a website. Your website will work even when you are sleeping. If you are over 18, then you can do it, build your website with Bluehost within minutes, which is almost free. Build your website, plugin it through social media and attract traffic to make money. Several students have successful websites assisting their livelihood. You can become an online freelancer to earn flawless money through website development.

2.      Paid Web Searching

Everyone spends time on the internet; you can turn this web surfing into cash flow. This online earning method allows you to earn Money without much effort and prerequisite. Qmee.com is a platform that will enable you to earn cash on each search. Through Qmee install an ad on your browser and then search through this browser. While searching, you will see some sponsored ads along with cash rewards. 

If the ad seems interesting or contains more rewards, then click on it and save your reward into your PayPal account.

3.      Online Surveys

Students can earn Money by filling up online surveys in their free time. An online survey is one of the easiest ways to earn cash. There are several research companies across the world wanted new volunteers to fill up surveys either they pay people for their services. One survey needs a few minutes to answer paper, and you can earn $5 per survey. There are many trustworthy companies which offer rewards for filling up surveys and watching videos of their products. Following companies are as follows;

  • Toluna
  • LifePoints
  • InboxPounds
  • Onepoll
  • i-Say
  •  Opinion Outpost

4.      Get Cash from Sites

This method is somehow similar to the earned Money from online surveys. Some sites pay you for activities you will perform online, whether searching or subscribing.

Three famous websites turn your online activities into cash flow;

  • Toluna
  • Swagbucks
  • InboxPounds

5.      Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic online earning method without any investment. People are earning millions from this online earning method. Everyone can do this if they have social networks and have an understanding of computer basics or if you have a website or blog. In affiliate marketing, you need to promote products and companies already exists on your social networks or through your blog. To start you earning sign up to Awin network right now and check their affiliate lists. You can select any product of your interest and share with your network. If someone buys it from you within three months, you will earn a handsome amount.

6.      Sell your Notes

If you are ok to share your prepared notes with others, you can make cash. Prepare notes, ask from your fellows and sell these notes in return to some cash amount. There are also some websites that allow you to share your notes along with your prices in front of people who want to buy.

Following are two websites that allow you to share your notes and get paid;

  • Nexus Notes
  • Stuvia

You can upload your notes, whether typed or handwritten, but typed notes got more acceptance comparatively with handwritten notes.

7.      Sell your Education

If you have the capacity or enough confidence, you can work as an online tutor and positively sell your education. You can choose face-to-face classes and also share your recordings for people. Udemy is an online platform that allows people to record a course on any subject and get paid whenever someone purchases this course. As a private tutor online, you can earn up to $10 per hour or more. It’s ok if you are not highly qualified, you can choose A-level student as your target audience.

8.      YouTube Videos

These days YouTube is a tremendous online earning method without any investment in Pakistan or Asia. Make a video, post it on YouTube and get the payment within minutes. The more people watch your video, the more you will cash. People are making their careers with YouTube videos. Once you are successful, you can earn up to millions with your videos.

9.      Cryptocurrencies & Bitcoin

To earn Money online with Google is not a big deal. There are thousands of opportunities for students to make Money without any investment. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is also a smooth and efficient method to earn Money. You need to buy or win Bitcoin points and then transfer them into cash, but there needs a guide to understand the correct way to buy Bitcoin.

10.  Sell your videos and stories

You can also challenge your fame by selling self-written short stories and videos. These stories or videos could be on any topic. You can earn up to £50-250 by sharing on different websites. If you can write long stories you can make more, depending upon the wording and quality of your work, you will be paid. This online earning method is useful for students.

Apart from these, there are numerous online earning methods for everyone, whether students that can help you to earn flawless Money. You need to focus and hard work to chase your dreams. You can make Money online if you have consistency and believe.