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We all know that Upwork freelance marketplace is one of the best freelancing websites. Upwork, provide a freelancing platform to people who want to earn money online from home. There are thousands of people who sign up to Upwork freelance marketplace daily. This freelancing website is not limited to some specific country, but freelancers from the globe buying and selling services on Upwork. Because of unlimited users and an ever-increasing number of freelancers on Upwork market place, Upwork put an approval policy to their freelance website. Now, everyone who wants to join Upwork for selling services needs to approve their account. Once your profile will be approved you would offer services on Upwork website.

Sadly, everyone cannot easily get their Upwork profile approved. This article provides you a complete guide to get Upwork profile approved within 24 hours. There are people who are offering paid account approval, don’t get distracted. Just read this guide carefully and analyses mistakes in your profile. Upwork officials analyze the profile of freelancers and based on the uniqueness and accuracy approvals will be issued.

Do not get afraid and not give up because once you get profile approval, you will have a lot money. Upwork is one of the appreciated and accepted freelance marketplace across the world. Upwork freelance website is one of the highest paying websites. Because of the high standard in the market, Upwork freelance marketplace not allow everyone to sign up to the website. I am going to share a few steps that will help you to get instant approval of your Upwork profile;

Accept Upwork Readiness Test

Upwork readiness test will ask you basics about Upwork freelance website, their policies, terms, and conditions. You have to score the highest marks to improve chances of profile success and to get profile approval. Readiness test consists of 10 questions you have to complete in 10 minutes. These questions are not much easy, you just need to use common sense. Upwork uses this test to analyze whether the freelancer is ready to work on Upwork freelance website or not. Watch video from the education hub of Upwork to get high marks in the test.

Take Upwork Skill Test

To prove that you are an expert in your field, skill test plays important role. When you take a skill test and scores high in the selected skills you will achieve more chances to win projects and first Upwork will approve your profile. Upwork is looking for quality and experienced freelancers to manage the market image of Upwork freelance marketplace. After passing the skill test you will see a checkmark with the specific skill in your profile. This mark will show that you are an expert and clients will prefer you more than others.

If you failed to pass the test in the first term, do not give up. Try again until you succeed. Because checkmark with your skill could bring much for you. Take a separate test for each skill you have added in your Upwork profile. Try your hard to pass every test and win the checkmark on your skills. In the above image, you can see checks with Android App Development and JAVA, but other skills have no checks. Based on these checkmarks I receive 80% of orders about Android App Development because clients have the absurdity that I am an expert.

Have you completed your Upwork Profile 100%

One of the biggest mistake because of which you face problem to get approval is an incomplete profile on Upwork freelance marketplace. When sign up to the Upwork website freelancers mostly skip information that badly impacts profile approval policy. If you have not complete Upwork profile yet, follow this link to get a complete guide to build Upwork profile. Make sure your website is 100% complete before submitting the approval request. Upwork freelance marketplace is conscious about the identity of freelancers. Thus your profile matters a lot to get instant profile approval. After reading the guide from the following the link, add everything that you missed and make it perfect.

Work through Agencies on Upwork freelance marketplace

Upwork prefers agencies or groups to offer their services on the Upwork website. In case, if you are unable to get individual profile approval, do affiliation with some agency and join Upwork freelance marketplace instantly. If you have some reference for affiliation you could do it easily, but if you do not have some agency to do affiliation, keep focusing on your individual profile. I suggested working through agencies who use the paid subscription on Upwork. Agency affiliation has an advantage as well as a disadvantage that you have to pay their interest as well.

Use Specific Topic on your Upwork Profile

Always prefer simple and straight title on your freelance marketplace websites. Avoid vague and challenging titles. Your title should be respective, not challenging. Ask your clients do not tell them. Try to fill up your short profile title with kindness and sweetness. Upwork freelance marketplace always prefer skilled and experienced freelancers, your profile title shatters everything about you, thus always show high efforts.

Add an engaging portfolio in the Upwork profile

Upwork will also check your skills and accuracy through accessing evidence provided in the portfolio. Thus to improve your trust level, use everything real and authentic. Portfolio should have a standard font and color. Upwork officials are concerned about your privacy, thus to use a small-sized portfolio picture of yours would not be wrong.

Your profile is ready to win approval

I guarantee you will get your website approved if you follow this guide and practice it. Other things come after the approval of your profile on Upwork freelance marketplace. I hope you read the profile building guide from the given link and modify your profile accordingly. You have to show 100% of yourself to get positive outcomes.

Upwork is the best freelance marketplace and you can earn money online without much ease. To approve your profile on the Upwork freelance marketplace make you have everything we discussed above.

There are lots of people; mostly students want to earn Money without any investment to carry out their expenses. Let’s hands down to start to make Money online through several methods. These ways will be completely legal, tax-free and risk-free. Anyone can earn Money as full time or part time job without any hustle. As long as you make your first earning, it seems complicated, but after that everything will be possible. 

Following are some easy and effective online earning methods without any investment:

1.      Start your website

If you are interested in earning passive income every month, you need a website. Your website will work even when you are sleeping. If you are over 18, then you can do it, build your website with Bluehost within minutes, which is almost free. Build your website, plugin it through social media and attract traffic to make money. Several students have successful websites assisting their livelihood. You can become an online freelancer to earn flawless money through website development.

2.      Paid Web Searching

Everyone spends time on the internet; you can turn this web surfing into cash flow. This online earning method allows you to earn Money without much effort and prerequisite. Qmee.com is a platform that will enable you to earn cash on each search. Through Qmee install an ad on your browser and then search through this browser. While searching, you will see some sponsored ads along with cash rewards. 

If the ad seems interesting or contains more rewards, then click on it and save your reward into your PayPal account.

3.      Online Surveys

Students can earn Money by filling up online surveys in their free time. An online survey is one of the easiest ways to earn cash. There are several research companies across the world wanted new volunteers to fill up surveys either they pay people for their services. One survey needs a few minutes to answer paper, and you can earn $5 per survey. There are many trustworthy companies which offer rewards for filling up surveys and watching videos of their products. Following companies are as follows;

  • Toluna
  • LifePoints
  • InboxPounds
  • Onepoll
  • i-Say
  •  Opinion Outpost

4.      Get Cash from Sites

This method is somehow similar to the earned Money from online surveys. Some sites pay you for activities you will perform online, whether searching or subscribing.

Three famous websites turn your online activities into cash flow;

  • Toluna
  • Swagbucks
  • InboxPounds

5.      Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic online earning method without any investment. People are earning millions from this online earning method. Everyone can do this if they have social networks and have an understanding of computer basics or if you have a website or blog. In affiliate marketing, you need to promote products and companies already exists on your social networks or through your blog. To start you earning sign up to Awin network right now and check their affiliate lists. You can select any product of your interest and share with your network. If someone buys it from you within three months, you will earn a handsome amount.

6.      Sell your Notes

If you are ok to share your prepared notes with others, you can make cash. Prepare notes, ask from your fellows and sell these notes in return to some cash amount. There are also some websites that allow you to share your notes along with your prices in front of people who want to buy.

Following are two websites that allow you to share your notes and get paid;

  • Nexus Notes
  • Stuvia

You can upload your notes, whether typed or handwritten, but typed notes got more acceptance comparatively with handwritten notes.

7.      Sell your Education

If you have the capacity or enough confidence, you can work as an online tutor and positively sell your education. You can choose face-to-face classes and also share your recordings for people. Udemy is an online platform that allows people to record a course on any subject and get paid whenever someone purchases this course. As a private tutor online, you can earn up to $10 per hour or more. It’s ok if you are not highly qualified, you can choose A-level student as your target audience.

8.      YouTube Videos

These days YouTube is a tremendous online earning method without any investment in Pakistan or Asia. Make a video, post it on YouTube and get the payment within minutes. The more people watch your video, the more you will cash. People are making their careers with YouTube videos. Once you are successful, you can earn up to millions with your videos.

9.      Cryptocurrencies & Bitcoin

To earn Money online with Google is not a big deal. There are thousands of opportunities for students to make Money without any investment. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is also a smooth and efficient method to earn Money. You need to buy or win Bitcoin points and then transfer them into cash, but there needs a guide to understand the correct way to buy Bitcoin.

10.  Sell your videos and stories

You can also challenge your fame by selling self-written short stories and videos. These stories or videos could be on any topic. You can earn up to £50-250 by sharing on different websites. If you can write long stories you can make more, depending upon the wording and quality of your work, you will be paid. This online earning method is useful for students.

Apart from these, there are numerous online earning methods for everyone, whether students that can help you to earn flawless Money. You need to focus and hard work to chase your dreams. You can make Money online if you have consistency and believe.