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Many people nowadays find it extremely difficult to make money online or make ends meet. If you find yourself in one of these situations, you should know that there are opportunities and ways to get out and earn a few dozen more Euros. You can make money on the internet for free without investing.

There is something for everyone: for young people and pensioners, for those who live in the city and those who live in the countryside, for the unemployed and those who already have a job, for those who already have a little bit of money and those who do not have it …

You can make money online without necessarily making huge efforts. Find out how to make money online below.

Make money on the internet for free: use your internet connection to make money

Make Money Online by Reading

Many methods to make a little money exist on the internet without prior investment. So, to earn money online you just need to have an internet connection, you can read articles online which allows you to get money easily. You just have to retrieve the items, get to know them and receive money. Easy is not it?

In reality, with this trick, you will win gifts. By adopting this solution, you get benefits that can be very interesting. For example, you may earn good quality cooking utensils, gifts or lots, shower gels for your bathroom, or even makeup products of major brands. Better yet, you also have the opportunity to receive smartphones (smartphones) and other electronic gadgets.

In addition, other interesting lots are also available according to your choice. You can have products and appliances allowing you to develop or equip the enclosure of your kitchen. By reading the articles regularly, you will be able to access a list of faithful readers for example. This will earn you more and more gifts and lots of qualities.

Register for paid assignments

make money on the internet for free – mails

Apart from reading online articles that can bring you prizes and gifts, you can join or register for paid assignments. There are indeed several websites that allow participating in this kind of mission. With this, you can make money online for free. What are these remunerated missions really about?

First, the remunerated missions are organized every month. They are not mandatory and strict. You have the choice to participate only in the missions which interest you and the remuneration seems to you suitable. By participating in these missions, you will end up making a lot of money.

The principle of these missions is to read e-mails (paid e-mails), to answer a certain number of polls or to browse certain websites. By creating your account and playing, you win either free lots or euros. Adopting this method to make money on the internet for free gives you a lot of advantages to knowing: connect at will.

There are many other ways to make money on the internet for free by responding to polls, for example.

Answering surveys is just as useful

Responding to surveys is also a great way to make money on the internet for free. There are currently many websites that provide the opportunity to use or access their services to participate in online surveys. To respond to an online survey, you must register on the sites that offer them, use your email address to have confirmation and really start to answer surveys and earn money.

Once you get started, you will not only have to participate in polls. But also to other types of offers according to your preferences, for example, if you want, you can realize or respond to product tests newly or previously launched on the market.

You will first have to answer the various points contained in the polls. You will in principle have the facility to answer these different polls.

Taking into account these different aspects, it will be easy to increase your earnings on the internet for free. In addition, being a regular in these surveys, you will always have more income in the long run.

Participating in surveys is, therefore, an indisputable, effective and safe way to make money on the internet for free. But that’s not the only way. You can also participate in recognized missions like those of BA-CLICK.

Participate in BA-CLICK missions

So you have the opportunity, to earn money on the internet for free, to participate in missions organized by BA-CLICK. By using BA-CLICK, you will be able to register for fairly well-paid missions. Most of these are contests or registration on some websites. You may also have to just visit some websites. When you do these actions you will be able to win lots of different lots.

By visiting websites, registering on these sites or participating in some of the contests you will be able to win free prizes at first. You can also win several kinds of corners.

Afterward, you may already have to earn about 200 coins for registration, which corresponds to one euro. When you start, you will have to complete a multitude of missions. These missions will allow you to win or win several corners. You can then convert all these coins into euros and get your money back by mail with a check. Which means that the more missions you do, the more corners you will have. The more corners you have, the more money you will make by converting your corners.

Associate surveys and the issuing of opinions

You already know that you can make money on the internet for free by taking surveys. These may be products that already exist and are on the market or samples of products that are not yet on the market. In addition to participating or responding to these surveys, you can also give your opinions on a number of brands. It is also an effective way to make money for free and without investment using the internet. To give your opinion or opinions is simply to say what you think of this or that brand of product.

You will also have to answer questions about these products. As a result, you will have to win or earn points. These points correspond to a certain value of the Euro. You have the possibility to convert your points in euro and receive your checks and all that while staying at home. Thus, actions such as responding to surveys and giving your opinion on given product brands allow you to make money on the internet for free and effortlessly.

These are simple actions because it’s easy for you to click on a number of links and simply answer questions. This can be a fun and educational experience for you, as you can even learn new facts about brands you do not know.

Use dedicated websites

To make money on the internet for free – create a website

Indeed, a number of websites are intended to allow you to make money on the internet for free. These numerous websites are therefore intended to allow all those who wish to create income through interaction. To be able to use these sites, you must first create your account and validate it with your email address. Once this step is over, you will only have to do all sorts of interactions such as reading articles, clicking on links, reading emails … etc.

These interactions conducted on sites dedicated to money-making on the internet will allow you to earn money directly. It may happen that you first have to earn virtual currency like coins. You will then have to convert these corners into euros to receive them directly at home through a check. You can also receive gifts or prizes such as a smartphone, household appliances, shower products … etc.

You can even create your own site and manage it to generate profits.

Create your own website

Having a site, in this case, can mostly refer to a blog that you are going to create. Nowadays, there is a multitude of options for creating and setting up a website or blog. There are also solutions that make it easy to make a blog and manage it most easily at home without investing. To earn money, for example, you can design eBooks that you will publish on paid services like Amazon. At another time, you also have the ability to create videos related to a domain where an activity you master. This will allow you to earn income. You can also look for alternative alternatives such as finding free work online according to your areas of expertise and thus give private lessons.

In addition, you can either create a website or create a blog and manage it in order to have income or allow other services to use it to make their ads (affiliate programs). This will also allow you to easily earn money. There are several videos that will help you know how to create a site.

There are many ways to make money on the internet for free to generate more profits. Many people use these methods and methods to earn a few euros by staying at home and using the internet.

Google AdSense is a free tool generated by google. It was launched in June 2003 and now it has become popular as an excellent source of earning. Google AdSense enables website publishers of all sizes to display targeted ads alongside their online content and earn money. In simple words, an advertiser gives ads to google for which in return we get a share (money).

Ads can be in a form of automatic text, image, video or interactive media. It creates revenue through:

  1. Pay per click
  2. Pay a per-impression basis.

The ads are posted either on our website or via youtube. These are the two sources google AdSense mainly works on. There are many types of AdSense available for example, AdSense for content, for a domain, for video and many more. The objective of writing this article is to get you familiar with the top 10 tips that will make easy for you to earn money via Google Adsense.

PRO TIP # 1:


If you want to earn through this platform then this tip is the important one. So, with the desirable niche start your website. I suggest you start a website with the information you have a grip on.

For example, if you are living in a town and you know about that specific area so when someone from outside the town came he/she will definitely visit your website for information.

The point here is don’t go with the majority but go with what helps you the best to grow. Suppose more people are making tech-related websites and due to this reason you make your website all about tech-related stuff. What stays unique or who will find anything useful in that? Because if someone has to buy a phone they will go directly to the company’s website. On the other hand, if your website is about local experiences, recipes or such things, many people would like to visit your website thus increasing chances of clicking on the given ads.

The other tip for blogging is making a blog related to:

  • Life
  • How to..
  • News

Evidence shows that people are inclined to visit such sites that have these three elements in them i.e your blog is about yours or someone’s personal experience, how to hacks, or if it is about the news.



When you create your website, the first thing to do is actively post high-quality content more frequently and when you see organic traffic is coming to your website then create Adsense account and post ads.  You will see that gradually people(the organic traffic) will benefit you to earn via ads. If the traffic starts building with 20 to 30 articles you have posted accordingly to the website’s policy then start posting ads.

As I used the word “high-quality content” it means that the focus on content is important. It the blind race of ad revenue do not forget about the purpose of your website and content. Keep in mind for what purpose you created the website or what business you are running. Moreover, quality content and design provides value to users.



Another fundamental thing to apply whenever you create your website with some SEO or other techniques makes your website load faster. When your website will load fast, there would be more chances to have more traffic. People like to click on the websites with good loading speed. And when we talk about faster loading we can’t exclude google from that. Even google prefer the sites that load faster. One tip for that purpose is to use compressed images or images which weighs low.



As I have addressed earlier, the easiest source for AdSense is youtube. V-logging is a new trend that is all about visual content. People share their different experiences, they also do how-to tutorials or some of the V-logs are about news. Youtube has emerged as a source of earning for so many people. It is equally necessary for V-logging that the content should be relevant and be on something you have more experience about.

So what you have to do is become a youtube partner and display ads on your youtube videos. It is easy for users to see ads on youtube.



You have to keep in mind that it is very important to post ads that are relevant to your niche or website or youtube channel. It annoys people to have irrelevant ads. It is such a flop thing to not focus on the relevancy of the content. So, be careful that your content and ads relate and interest the traffic you have on your website.

The second thing is the placement of ads. It is preferred to put ads at the top, above the fold so that the visitor will directly see the ad without scrolling down but if it is not possible simply put ads in between to make them visible and highlighted.



It is significant for you to keep yourself updated about the new policies, settings, and news. Subscribe to Google Inside AdSense Blog to get updates from the creators themselves.

Also, google help center itself has an Adsense overview you can look up to. There are also some free online courses that google offers you to understand how to earn money through Google AdSense.



Along with the placement for ads, you can not ignore the optimization of pages for higher Click-Through Rate (CTR). CTR is a concept of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). If you notice your ad view rate and CTR lower than an advertisement in other Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign,  you need to optimize your campaign. But before that, you must reach a broader yet targeted audience for your PPC  campaign optimization.

Test these 4 things for increasing CTR:

  • Ad or banner ad
  • Ad placement
  • Ad size
  • Ads- affiliate offers – or both.

The other vital point in higher CTR is that AdSense ad unit allows to go for either “image only” or “text and image”. Preferred for better results is “ text and image ad”. It will eventually increase your click rate and so the earnings.

Image ads grab the attraction of visitors while text ads improve your website’s CTR. Also, keep a check on the performance comparison of text and image display ads.

One more thing to add in this is to frequently customize the way your ads look. You can find a different combination of text, color, border color, and background color for the ad unit to maximize the AdSense income. People use the technique of changing color to attract visitors thus there are more chances to increase revenue through Google Adsense.



No, don’t get me wrong because I know they do not allow publishers to keep more than one account especially when it comes to a company. If you are running a company you are forbidden to have more than one account but you can have personal accounts also. So if you have different Google Access Accounts where you can host your website. The only thing to keep in mind is that you must not put the same information. The information should not be repeated. Otherwise, they will block your account saying “matched information”.



Use a google analytics tool to analyze the best-earning referrer. When you connect your google analytics account with Google Adsense, go to analytics and see which referrers generate your AdSense referrers.

Most probably you will notice the referrers from facebook or other social media platforms. It will be a good idea to work on those and improve your presence to get more traffic and revenue.

As discussed earlier, CTR is the percentage of ads that are clicked per impression, so it should be high. We get more traffic from facebook but a lot more from twitter because twitter allows us to post multiple links.

PRO TIP #10:


Last but not least, discarding all other networks advertisement helps a lot. You can boost your google gives more visibility to the users and result in more clicks. Adsense revenue by allowing only google AdSense to run on your website. This will surely give more visibility to users and you will get more clicks.

So there lies the list of top 10 tips and tricks for you to increase your extra revenue via Google Adsense. Google Adsense is beneficial and free. It allows you to earn money with less effort. But it does not mean that you need no tricks. You have to follow some tips to become a pro at this if you want to earn through Google AdSense. Moreover, it will take time as many other good things do. So, start today and be patient. I have made this easy for you to continue with this excellent tool.


We all know that Upwork freelance marketplace is one of the best freelancing websites. Upwork, provide a freelancing platform to people who want to earn money online from home. There are thousands of people who sign up to Upwork freelance marketplace daily. This freelancing website is not limited to some specific country, but freelancers from the globe buying and selling services on Upwork. Because of unlimited users and an ever-increasing number of freelancers on Upwork market place, Upwork put an approval policy to their freelance website. Now, everyone who wants to join Upwork for selling services needs to approve their account. Once your profile will be approved you would offer services on Upwork website.

Sadly, everyone cannot easily get their Upwork profile approved. This article provides you a complete guide to get Upwork profile approved within 24 hours. There are people who are offering paid account approval, don’t get distracted. Just read this guide carefully and analyses mistakes in your profile. Upwork officials analyze the profile of freelancers and based on the uniqueness and accuracy approvals will be issued.

Do not get afraid and not give up because once you get profile approval, you will have a lot money. Upwork is one of the appreciated and accepted freelance marketplace across the world. Upwork freelance website is one of the highest paying websites. Because of the high standard in the market, Upwork freelance marketplace not allow everyone to sign up to the website. I am going to share a few steps that will help you to get instant approval of your Upwork profile;

Accept Upwork Readiness Test

Upwork readiness test will ask you basics about Upwork freelance website, their policies, terms, and conditions. You have to score the highest marks to improve chances of profile success and to get profile approval. Readiness test consists of 10 questions you have to complete in 10 minutes. These questions are not much easy, you just need to use common sense. Upwork uses this test to analyze whether the freelancer is ready to work on Upwork freelance website or not. Watch video from the education hub of Upwork to get high marks in the test.

Take Upwork Skill Test

To prove that you are an expert in your field, skill test plays important role. When you take a skill test and scores high in the selected skills you will achieve more chances to win projects and first Upwork will approve your profile. Upwork is looking for quality and experienced freelancers to manage the market image of Upwork freelance marketplace. After passing the skill test you will see a checkmark with the specific skill in your profile. This mark will show that you are an expert and clients will prefer you more than others.

If you failed to pass the test in the first term, do not give up. Try again until you succeed. Because checkmark with your skill could bring much for you. Take a separate test for each skill you have added in your Upwork profile. Try your hard to pass every test and win the checkmark on your skills. In the above image, you can see checks with Android App Development and JAVA, but other skills have no checks. Based on these checkmarks I receive 80% of orders about Android App Development because clients have the absurdity that I am an expert.

Have you completed your Upwork Profile 100%

One of the biggest mistake because of which you face problem to get approval is an incomplete profile on Upwork freelance marketplace. When sign up to the Upwork website freelancers mostly skip information that badly impacts profile approval policy. If you have not complete Upwork profile yet, follow this link to get a complete guide to build Upwork profile. Make sure your website is 100% complete before submitting the approval request. Upwork freelance marketplace is conscious about the identity of freelancers. Thus your profile matters a lot to get instant profile approval. After reading the guide from the following the link, add everything that you missed and make it perfect.

Work through Agencies on Upwork freelance marketplace

Upwork prefers agencies or groups to offer their services on the Upwork website. In case, if you are unable to get individual profile approval, do affiliation with some agency and join Upwork freelance marketplace instantly. If you have some reference for affiliation you could do it easily, but if you do not have some agency to do affiliation, keep focusing on your individual profile. I suggested working through agencies who use the paid subscription on Upwork. Agency affiliation has an advantage as well as a disadvantage that you have to pay their interest as well.

Use Specific Topic on your Upwork Profile

Always prefer simple and straight title on your freelance marketplace websites. Avoid vague and challenging titles. Your title should be respective, not challenging. Ask your clients do not tell them. Try to fill up your short profile title with kindness and sweetness. Upwork freelance marketplace always prefer skilled and experienced freelancers, your profile title shatters everything about you, thus always show high efforts.

Add an engaging portfolio in the Upwork profile

Upwork will also check your skills and accuracy through accessing evidence provided in the portfolio. Thus to improve your trust level, use everything real and authentic. Portfolio should have a standard font and color. Upwork officials are concerned about your privacy, thus to use a small-sized portfolio picture of yours would not be wrong.

Your profile is ready to win approval

I guarantee you will get your website approved if you follow this guide and practice it. Other things come after the approval of your profile on Upwork freelance marketplace. I hope you read the profile building guide from the given link and modify your profile accordingly. You have to show 100% of yourself to get positive outcomes.

Upwork is the best freelance marketplace and you can earn money online without much ease. To approve your profile on the Upwork freelance marketplace make you have everything we discussed above.

Upwork is a freelance marketplace where you can work as an Upwork freelancer. Among thousands of freelance sites, very few are trustworthy and working. Upwork is also one of the best freelance websites that allows you to sell your services to earn money. We have discussed in detail about Upwork website and its offers. Here you will get guidance to build the Upwork profile that will bring you clients for sure in a very short time. You have to build your trust in Upwork because it is one of the credible and successfully running freelance sites. Here on Upwork marketplace millions of people working and making money online.

Buyers on Upwork always look for a brilliant and experienced freelancer to work for them. Through the profile of freelancers, a buyer can estimate his/her worth and work experience. A profile implies a great effect on the buyer’s perception, thus to have an engaging profile is crucial to get more orders. Among millions of freelancers working on Upwork platform, it is difficult to convince your client that you are worthy and fits well for the job. You need a high-level profile to grab the client’s attention and convince them to select you among those millions of freelancers.

Before building a profile on Upwork website, it is important to select a skill that you are going to offer. To select a category for Upwork the previous article on the web will be helpful. Always select a skill that is on high demand and the one you could do perfectly. Upwork is the best freelance website that accepts professional and perfect work, so do not think to take for granted. Let’s move forward.

Select seller profile and move on

Before jumping into the profile building process, I will let you clear that there are two types of profiles Upwork offer you when you will start work on Upwork. It is necessary to know the right profile for a seller. As you want to work and make money online through Upwork website you will select freelancer profile, basically work profile. The other one “Hire” profile is for buyers.

Link to Social Accounts

The second step is to link your Upwork profile with your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Behance, Google, etc. These links will approve your permission to proceed with profile building and also improve your profile’s security. To make sure your online presence Upwork demands you to link with any of your social accounts with the profile. These social account links will help you to get clients because they found your profile real and approved. Active social accounts enhance your presence in the eyes of clients automatically. You will have to choose those accounts, you are using and then linked with your Upwork profile.

Upwork Profile Picture

Yes, as always I advise you to use high-quality profile pictures that provide a clear image to the client about who you are. As Upwork is a high standard freelance website, thus there you need to work with more accuracy and in a professional way. Use your real picture that centered on your face. Do not afraid to share your real picture because people on the freelance marketplace do not have such concerns. People show privacy concerns and afraid to show their real picture, preferred to use google images. These google images and fake images are not acceptable for buyers because they do not want to face scammers.

Add the title of profile on Upwork website

The next step is to add an attractive, short and easy to understand title on your Upwork profile. This title will represent your skills and shows your willingness towards the job. Like profile picture the title of Upwork profile is also important, often people ignore it. The title of the profile serves as a headline, a client will read at first. Thus the title of your Upwork profile should be catchy and engaging that appeal to the client, and he opens your profile. Do not just right what came into your mind, take time and think for it. Something that has the capability to touch someone’s mind. Because this small line of profile title will decide whether the client will visit your site or not. While writing your profile title make sure the presence of the following qualities;

  • The title should be specific and precise
  • The title should be written in simple language, that must be easy to read
  • Use at least one keyword in your small profile title

Let for example, if you are a writer you can write your profile title “Professional & experienced content writer is available 24/7”.  This title is the best example to write because it shows your skill as well as your efficiency to do work. Always show more to the client because they always prefer to people having more skills and experience.

Add Personal Overview to Upwork profile

This short personal overview is required to tell clients about your education, skills, and experience. Try to add more information in your overview that impresses the client and convince him/her to hire you.

Tip; always add important information like about your skills, experience, and efficiency in starting lines. Because the client could only see two to three lines without opening your profile. These three lines must be accurately written and engaging enough to convince a buyer.

Try pleasing and winsome words to win the project from Upwork a freelance website. At the end of your profile overview write two or three lines about your great communication skills, short delivery time, and quick to understand, etc. the main part of your overview will be how you treat your client based on the experience you acquired. Also write that customers are always your priority and customer’s satisfaction is your reward. Make sure your overview is error-free because it implies an impact on client’s perception about you.

Add Profile Video (Optional)

While building Upwork profile, you will be asked to upload your introduction video. Keep in mind that this is not necessary at all, it is optional. But if you will choose to upload an introduction video, it will help you to increase chances to get noticed by clients and you will get more orders. Also, this introduction video will help to enhance the client’s trust. In this video, you will have to introduce yourself shortly. Make sure the video should not be longer than one minute. The video should explain everything about your work detail, experience and education. Talk in a professional manner and show your consistency about work.

Select your skills on Upwork website

The next step is to list your skills. You have selected your work category already in your mind. Now, it’s time to enlist all the skills and sub-categories that must be ten or less, but not less than five. Make sure, your selected skills are related to the same category. Let, for example, you are a WordPress developer, the main category will be WordPress development and then sub-categories will be CSS+, HTML5, PHP, coding, WordPress designing, etc.

Once you have select skills you will be offered by a skill test, take time to perform the test and make sure full scores in it. High scores increase chances to get orders instantly. Your test results will be shown on your profile that increases the client’s trust. Good grades in skill test make buyers realize that you can perfectly do this job rather than anyone else.

Language Confirmation

In the next step, Upwork will ask you to add your language expertise. You will be preferred if you are a native English speaker. English is a basic language but I suggest you select native English whether you are or not. Also, add a sentence “complete command on the English language”. Buyers on Upwork freelance website are looking for native English speakers to get error-free work. You can also add other languages other than English if you have command over any language.

The official language of Upwork website is English, but buyers also ask for other languages. So, list these all in your Upwork profile. Proficiency in other languages improves your profile’s acceptance. But, if you have not fluent language skills, do not list it at all.

Availability Status

Upwork will ask you how much time you will be available on Upwork website to work. The more time you will spend on the freelance marketplace the more your profile will be noticed by clients. Always select maximum hours that show to your client that you will always be available on Upwork.

What is your experience level?

One of the frequently asked question from every seller is their experience. Buyers and clients on the Upwork profile always look for experienced freelancers. Your experience matters most and it brings much for you. Upwork is asking about your overall experience related to the mentioned skill. There will be three levels, entry-level, intermediate level and expert level. Based on your professionalism and accuracy you have to select an experience level. Keep in mind people with ‘expert’ experience level are mostly preferred. Depending on the number of years, you could consider yourself as intermediate or expert.

List your Education level

Upwork will also ask you about your academic qualifications. To move further your profile, you need to tell your clients about your educational expertise, skills, name of institution and degree. Educational expertise is important to know for everyone. Often clients ask on Upwork about the area of interest, they ask because they want to know whether your educational interests are the same as what you are doing. Be honest while entering your education level and always update this level if you’re studying currently.   

Add your Employment Status

To move further, Upwork freelance website will also ask you to add your employment status. You will have to add your honest employment status in the required section. Employment status will tell clients about your experience, willingness, efficiency, and projects. Employment history also increases chances to get hired by clients. Add everything you have achieved during your employment career. Be specific, do not add many details but use bullet points to specify your achievements and success stories.

This section of your Upwork profile will have to be updated whenever you complete any new project. Add every single experience you have completed to improve your impressions and to inspire profile viewers.

Set up your Portfolio

It will not be wrong to say that portfolio is the heart of your profile. You have to build an impressive portfolio to attach with your Upwork profile. The portfolio is a collection of all great work samples that you have completed in the past. Like other profile elements, the portfolio also has the ability to impress your clients. When you have an impressive and massive collection of past projects, nothing could stop you to earn money online from Upwork freelance marketplace.

Putt together all of your great past projects and create a portfolio. An impressive portfolio makes your profile winning and a priority for buyers. Keep in mind that when you place past projects in your portfolio you will have to take permission from your client to use it. Update your portfolio manually and add the best projects on top. You know well which of your project is best and appreciable. Make categories and folders into your portfolio to best guide your clients. An engaging portfolio will ensure your client that you are best fit for this job.

Set your Price per hour

Upwork is a freelance market place whose price strategy is a bit different from other freelance websites. This freelance website allows you to get paid per hour. You can set your hourly rate and then demand from the client accordingly. If you are a beginner I suggest you select low rates and once you won some projects raise your rates. This is the last step to build a profile on Upwork. Set your hourly rate and you have done. Do not hesitate to consider your worth, add fair rates according to your skill expertise.

Hurrah! Your profile on Upwork freelance market place is ready. Now, stay online as much as you can to get instant orders. Now, you are ready to earn money online from Upwork. Follow this step-to-step guide if you really want to make flawless money from Upwork.

When you entered into the fiver marketplace the first thing you did is to build your profile that we have discussed earlier. To get orders on fiver you will have to build an attractive profile. Now the second and most important step towards earning money online with fiver is to create engaging gigs. Many of you might have no idea about gigs and its purposes, so I would like to make it clear first. A gig is basically a portal containing your skill information that claims to the customer that you are best fit to perform the job related to mention skills.

You can make several gigs that explain your skill in a different way. Let for example, if you are a content writer at fiver website. You will create seven gigs, each gig will explain your writing skill like blogging, article writing, research paper writing, essay writing, short story writing, proofreading, and creative writing. All these gigs will explain to customer that you are a professional writer having capabilities to write about every topic.

Here are some considerations you need to understand while creating fiver gigs.

Gig’s Title

The first that you need to understand that your gig title should be engaging and easy to understand. The gig title reflect your skills and inform customers about your preferences. For example, one of your seven gigs offer proofreading services. The gig title should be “I will PROOFREAD your document in 24 hours, perfectly” this title states your skill as well as your expertness. If you will write “I will PROOFREAD your document” this seems incomplete and also not appealing. Also make sure that you have used at least one keyword in your gig title. When you add delivery time in your gig title this makes it appealing and engage more customers.

Always try to add short delivery time like 24 hours or less. As you can notice I have added a convincing word at the last of the title that will serve as a security for clients. Here in a short title everything a client is looking for. Gig title reflects what you are going to do in case client hires you for performing his task, thus make sure mention what you can do perfectly.

Description Area

Another essential and most visited part of your gig is description area. You have already learnt to add profile description, that explains your skills, education etc. but the description area in gig just contains information about the specific skill. Let for example, your gig is offering proofread services, thus the description area of this gig will explain all about you can do about proofreading. A well written description is crucial to rank your gig.

Add everything that you can deliver in your gig description. Also make sure to add keywords in your gig description, it helps to rank your gig on fiver website. The keyword must be appear on the first line or paragraph of the description.

Before writing your own description, the best idea is to read your competitors gigs and interpret what skills they are offering and then move one step ahead. The interpretation and scamming of competitors gigs will provide you understanding and help you to set a dimension for writing. Write good, get good on fiver online earning platform.

Fiver Gigs Packages

When we sell something we need to show the reason for the buyer, to make a deal with us. Every gig on fiver contains three packages that will inform the buyer about your price demand and also states what the get. You can design maximum three packages for one specific skill. Basic, Standard, and premium are three commonly used packages. As name states, in basic package you will offer services at low budget, starting from $5. Always make sure that the basic package should cost $5. In standard package, you will offer best services and also increase cost for quality provision. And in premium package, you will offer highest quality services with the gradual increase in price. Delivery time will also managed based on the nature of task.

You can also offer one package rather then three, but the best option is to offer multiple choices for your client. Multiple package offers help clients to make a decision easily.


The next section will ask you to put questions & answers that could be asked about your services. You can assume these questions and then answer each one honestly. Let for example, one of the frequently asked question from sellers is their delivery time. How much till will you take to perform a task perfectly? A wise answer to this question will be, “It depends upon the length and nature of subject but I always try my level best to come up on time”.


I think, tags perform 99% role to rank you gig. Thus it is important to add relevant tags into your gig, that better explain your skills in one word. Relevant and trending tags are important to place in this section after proper research. This is quite easy to search for words that are ranking in search engine of fiver website. You can also put your keywords into this section that helps to rank your gig.

To make online earning it is necessary to rank your gig. And to rank your gig it is crucial to use trending tags. For example, your gig is offering proofreading services, the tags will be #grammarcheck #format #researchpaper #punctuation #accuracy etc. Make sure that you have added five tags in one gig, because this is standard requirement of fiver gig. You will see, when you write tags in the space (like above in image) fiver will show you some trending keywords relevant to your skills, you can add these too.

Tip; Try to use keywords in alphabetic order and make sure you have added five keywords in each gig.


An attractive and decent image have capability to impress viewers mind. Many people wonder about the effect of image on their fiver profile, so let me clear that your real and attractive profile image plays an important role to get you more sales. If you have an attractive profile image people will like to visit your profile and you will get more clicks, and impressions. Good impressions and more clicks will also help you to get orders and increase your sales.

Always try to place an attractive and real image on your fiver profile because it implies good impression on viewers and might be this attract clients more than once to you. More visits and profile clicks will improve your ranking in fiver website. Someone says, an image speaks 1000 words, that means an attractive image have capability to convey a silent message to people without speaking.

A gig allows you to add three images. I suggest you to add real image of yours place on first image space and two relevant to your skills place on back-end spaces.


You can also upload videos on your fiver gigs to better impress your clients. Undoubtedly, a gig with video have more chances to rank then an image. Fiver automatically rank gigs who have videos in their gigs rather than static images. Because according to fiver, a gig having videos placed in sections experience more sales. Thus, try to make a video stating your skills and place it on your gig to impress your clients as well as to rank faster. Try to have at least one video in each gig, because you want to rank all of your gigs. Ranking improves sales and impressions of gig.

Be Creative in your Offers on Fiver Marketplace

To make money online is not an easy game, it’s tricky. But all I suggest you is to be creative. Offer what other’s lack. Do not try to copy others but develop your own mind and think creatively. Undoubtedly, a skill you have, thousands of people also practicing the same skill but thing that makes the difference is the way you offer it. Always come up in a different and appealing manner to offer your skills. To attract people on fiver marketplace is also not easy. But with creativity and by creating difference it is possible. You are going to start your bright career on fiver website, I suggest you to understand all tips that helps you to earn money online without much hustle.

Always remember when you bring difference, uniqueness, creativity and simplicity in your offerings you will get results. While dealing with fiver, promise in a different way that shows to your client that you have unique offers rather than others. Following three rules will help you to create an engaging gig offer on fiver marketplace;

  1. Offers contains something unique
  2. Offers should be written in simple and convincing language
  3. Keep gig description short but impressive

Update your Gig Manually

Yes, it is important too. You have understand how to create gigs. Now, keep in mind that client’s requirement take shifts after regular intervals. Thus, you need to update your gigs manually but do not need to change the complete appearance of your gig. Just make slight changes in tags, or in description etc. Analyze regularly whether your gig is ranking or not, if yes then great and if not grab the reason by reading the above guide. Promote your gigs and share with your friends to improve impressions and clicks on it. The best way to get audience and to make money online with fiver is to promote gigs and profiles among social networks. Promote yourself to pave real ways to earn money online, until it pays off.

This quick guide to create fiver gig will help you to start your online money making career. Follow every step, guidelines and tips to get your gig ranked in fiver website. Fiver is a global marketplace that provide chance only to those who put their efforts energetically. Consistency, passion and hard work will help you to successfully run your online earning career. Fiver marketplace provide you platform to earn without any investment from home. Create engaging fiver profile and fiver gigs, promote your profile and improve sales. Here you will get hundreds of online money making that works in real life.