Google AdSense is a free tool generated by google. It was launched in June 2003 and now it has become popular as an excellent source of earning. Google AdSense enables website publishers of all sizes to display targeted ads alongside their online content and earn money. In simple words, an advertiser gives ads to google for which in return we get a share (money).

Ads can be in a form of automatic text, image, video or interactive media. It creates revenue through:

  1. Pay per click
  2. Pay a per-impression basis.

The ads are posted either on our website or via youtube. These are the two sources google AdSense mainly works on. There are many types of AdSense available for example, AdSense for content, for a domain, for video and many more. The objective of writing this article is to get you familiar with the top 10 tips that will make easy for you to earn money via Google Adsense.

PRO TIP # 1:


If you want to earn through this platform then this tip is the important one. So, with the desirable niche start your website. I suggest you start a website with the information you have a grip on.

For example, if you are living in a town and you know about that specific area so when someone from outside the town came he/she will definitely visit your website for information.

The point here is don’t go with the majority but go with what helps you the best to grow. Suppose more people are making tech-related websites and due to this reason you make your website all about tech-related stuff. What stays unique or who will find anything useful in that? Because if someone has to buy a phone they will go directly to the company’s website. On the other hand, if your website is about local experiences, recipes or such things, many people would like to visit your website thus increasing chances of clicking on the given ads.

The other tip for blogging is making a blog related to:

  • Life
  • How to..
  • News

Evidence shows that people are inclined to visit such sites that have these three elements in them i.e your blog is about yours or someone’s personal experience, how to hacks, or if it is about the news.



When you create your website, the first thing to do is actively post high-quality content more frequently and when you see organic traffic is coming to your website then create Adsense account and post ads.  You will see that gradually people(the organic traffic) will benefit you to earn via ads. If the traffic starts building with 20 to 30 articles you have posted accordingly to the website’s policy then start posting ads.

As I used the word “high-quality content” it means that the focus on content is important. It the blind race of ad revenue do not forget about the purpose of your website and content. Keep in mind for what purpose you created the website or what business you are running. Moreover, quality content and design provides value to users.



Another fundamental thing to apply whenever you create your website with some SEO or other techniques makes your website load faster. When your website will load fast, there would be more chances to have more traffic. People like to click on the websites with good loading speed. And when we talk about faster loading we can’t exclude google from that. Even google prefer the sites that load faster. One tip for that purpose is to use compressed images or images which weighs low.



As I have addressed earlier, the easiest source for AdSense is youtube. V-logging is a new trend that is all about visual content. People share their different experiences, they also do how-to tutorials or some of the V-logs are about news. Youtube has emerged as a source of earning for so many people. It is equally necessary for V-logging that the content should be relevant and be on something you have more experience about.

So what you have to do is become a youtube partner and display ads on your youtube videos. It is easy for users to see ads on youtube.



You have to keep in mind that it is very important to post ads that are relevant to your niche or website or youtube channel. It annoys people to have irrelevant ads. It is such a flop thing to not focus on the relevancy of the content. So, be careful that your content and ads relate and interest the traffic you have on your website.

The second thing is the placement of ads. It is preferred to put ads at the top, above the fold so that the visitor will directly see the ad without scrolling down but if it is not possible simply put ads in between to make them visible and highlighted.



It is significant for you to keep yourself updated about the new policies, settings, and news. Subscribe to Google Inside AdSense Blog to get updates from the creators themselves.

Also, google help center itself has an Adsense overview you can look up to. There are also some free online courses that google offers you to understand how to earn money through Google AdSense.



Along with the placement for ads, you can not ignore the optimization of pages for higher Click-Through Rate (CTR). CTR is a concept of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). If you notice your ad view rate and CTR lower than an advertisement in other Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign,  you need to optimize your campaign. But before that, you must reach a broader yet targeted audience for your PPC  campaign optimization.

Test these 4 things for increasing CTR:

  • Ad or banner ad
  • Ad placement
  • Ad size
  • Ads- affiliate offers – or both.

The other vital point in higher CTR is that AdSense ad unit allows to go for either “image only” or “text and image”. Preferred for better results is “ text and image ad”. It will eventually increase your click rate and so the earnings.

Image ads grab the attraction of visitors while text ads improve your website’s CTR. Also, keep a check on the performance comparison of text and image display ads.

One more thing to add in this is to frequently customize the way your ads look. You can find a different combination of text, color, border color, and background color for the ad unit to maximize the AdSense income. People use the technique of changing color to attract visitors thus there are more chances to increase revenue through Google Adsense.



No, don’t get me wrong because I know they do not allow publishers to keep more than one account especially when it comes to a company. If you are running a company you are forbidden to have more than one account but you can have personal accounts also. So if you have different Google Access Accounts where you can host your website. The only thing to keep in mind is that you must not put the same information. The information should not be repeated. Otherwise, they will block your account saying “matched information”.



Use a google analytics tool to analyze the best-earning referrer. When you connect your google analytics account with Google Adsense, go to analytics and see which referrers generate your AdSense referrers.

Most probably you will notice the referrers from facebook or other social media platforms. It will be a good idea to work on those and improve your presence to get more traffic and revenue.

As discussed earlier, CTR is the percentage of ads that are clicked per impression, so it should be high. We get more traffic from facebook but a lot more from twitter because twitter allows us to post multiple links.

PRO TIP #10:


Last but not least, discarding all other networks advertisement helps a lot. You can boost your google gives more visibility to the users and result in more clicks. Adsense revenue by allowing only google AdSense to run on your website. This will surely give more visibility to users and you will get more clicks.

So there lies the list of top 10 tips and tricks for you to increase your extra revenue via Google Adsense. Google Adsense is beneficial and free. It allows you to earn money with less effort. But it does not mean that you need no tricks. You have to follow some tips to become a pro at this if you want to earn through Google AdSense. Moreover, it will take time as many other good things do. So, start today and be patient. I have made this easy for you to continue with this excellent tool.


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